Half Day Archaeological Trail

Half Day Archaeological Trail

On this tour we visit a number of Archaeolical sites as well as some surprises along the way. 

The tour takes place in the surrounding areas of Louisburgh and Killeen. Listed are some of the highlights you can look forward to seeing along the way.

Altoir Megalithic Tomb 

This wedge tomb is one of the finest megalithic tombs in Ireland. Its is associated with the transition from the late Neolithic to the Bronze Age (2000BC - 1800BC). Tombs of this description typicially consist of one burial chamber, often with small porticos and an anti-chamber. The front faces Westwards and there is a decrease in width and height from back to front. The flat roof of this monument was used as an altar where mass was celebrated during the penal times, giving the tomb its local name.

Killeen Graveyard and Cross Slab 

The graveyard in Cloonlaur townland is better know as Killeen Graveyard. In the graveyard there is a large standing stone about 2.5m high. It bears a Maltese Cross carved with a four-petalled tulip design enclosed by a double circle. The stone was recorded to have ogham inscriptions which were common from about 300 A.D to 700 A.D.

Clapper Bridge

This is a unique and unusual feature with an interesting history. This bridge is formed of 38 boulders spanned by slabs of stone, it was designed to cross a wide and shallow ford. It was built in the 1840s or 1850s as part of work carried out by the Irish Church Mission called "Colony of Jumpers". The design of this bridge originates from Roman times where a row of two uprights are crossed by a topping slab. 

Tour Includes:

Tour Guide          Bike Hire          Hotel Collection & Transport          Safety Equipment        

 Free Westport Cycle Tours Bike Bottle                         Certificate of Completion

Price €35 per person



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